15 Jul 2019 -

Chief Forecaster

National Weather Forecast

Issued from the Met Office
at 04:00 BST on Monday, 15th July 2019


Overcast skies in parts of southeast England this morning, but breaking up to give good sunny spells during the afternoon. Elsewhere, mostly dry with sunny spells throughout, but just a small risk of a light shower in some western areas.

Monday Night

Mainly fine and dry during the evening. Clear spells for most overnight, but thicker cloud and showers arriving in Northern Ireland and western Scotland through the early hours.


Dry and warm with sunny spells for most. However, across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Midlands, there is a risk of catching a heavy shower at times.

Wednesday to Friday

Cloudy and wet in the northwest on Wednesday. Mainly sunny elsewhere, with a few showers. Sunny spells and some heavy showers on Thursday. Grey, wet and windy on Friday.

Forecast Information

The national weather forecast from the Met Office covers today, tonight, tomorrow and the following three days. This provides an indication of the main weather types and trends across the UK during the short-range forecast period.

This data is provided under licence and updated daily, normally early morning.

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