21 Jan 2019 -

Chief Forecaster

National Weather Forecast

Issued from the Met Office
at 04:00 GMT on Monday, 21st January 2019


Any low cloud and fog in central and eastern areas will be slow to lift, then mainly dry and bright. A band of rain and hill snow in Scotland moving southeastwards, followed by wintry showers. Windy in north, with gales.

Monday Night

Band of rain and hill snow continues to move southeastwards, clearing the southeast by dawn. Wintry showers in north and west. Widespread frost post front, and ice risk. Windy.


Blustery, wintry showers will be most frequent and heaviest in the west, with a risk of thunder here. The showers will penetrate into central and eastern areas at times.

Wednesday to Friday

Cold, with wintry showers in places on Wednesday, with sunshine elsewhere. Becoming less cold and cloudier thereafter, with some rain spreading erratically eastwards from Thursday, perhaps preceded by snow.

Forecast Information

The national weather forecast from the Met Office covers today, tonight, tomorrow and the following three days. This provides an indication of the main weather types and trends across the UK during the short-range forecast period.

This data is provided under licence and updated daily, normally early morning.

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