18 Jun 2019 -

Chief Forecaster

Local Weather Forecast

Issued from the Essex Weather Centre
at 05:08 BST on Tuesday, 18th June 2019


A dry and bright start, but thickening cloud and showery rain soon spreading from the South-West during this morning. The odd heavier burst is likely, before showers tend to ease during the afternoon.

Maximum temperature: 19 deg C
Wind: South-West 7 mph, gusting 12 mph

Tuesday Night

Further showers in places this evening, but showers likely to merge to bring more persistent and locally heavy and thundery rain overnight.

Minimum temperature: 12 deg C
Wind: North-East 6 mph, gusting 12 mph


Outbreaks of locally heavy and thundery rain at first. Otherwise mostly cloudy with further showery rain spreading Eastwards, but drier and brighter later.

Maximum temperature: 18 deg C
Wind: North-West 7 mph, gusting 14 mph

Thursday to Saturday

Breezy on Thursday with sunny intervals, but occasional showers developing. Friday and Saturday should be dry and settled with sunny spells, but rather chilly overnight.

Sunrise: 04:39 | Sunset: 21:19

Forecast Information

Our written short range forecasts are updated throughout the day by our team of meteorologists and include the latest output from the Met Office UKV and Euro4 numerical weather prediction models. These kilometre-scale forecasting models produce significantly improved forecasts and pinpoint features such as thunderstorms and snow.

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